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Brannan | Mumma Wedding

Meet our bride and groom: Whitney and Cody

Whitney: "Cody and I met at Dental School at OU (BOOMER). We had our first actual conversation at the gym! After a month or two, he asked me to a Coldplay concert for our first date - a bucket list item for me! I couldn’t say no. You could say “I saw sparks.”

Whitney: "Greenleaf Barn was perfect! It was a beautiful, blank canvas to decorate how I wanted and perfect for an intimate wedding and reception. The Bridal Room was perfect for my bridesmaids to get ready and spend the day in and great lighting everywhere in the venue. I especially loved how easy the Greenleaf's were to work with!"

Whitney: "I really wanted a simple, elegant, and romantic Wedding. Cody and I have similar style that is classic and timeless. We wanted the day to reflect us, our style, and be focused mainly around our love and the people we love and who love us the most."

The groomsmen enjoyed a comical first look with Cody.

Cody: "I loved getting to see Whitney at our first look. We finally got to spend a few precious moments together."

Cody: "It is hard to pick a favorite memory from the wedding day! It all became very real and exciting as I drove up to the venue and saw the outdoor ceremony set up. It rained the day before and the day after, but our wedding day weather was perfect!"

Whitney: "It’s cliché, but I think my favorite part of the day was every second I got to spend with Cody. The last two years have been over long distance (He lives in New York for residency & I’ve been in school Oklahoma) - so very trying and challenging. Standing at the alter before our closest friends and family, saying our vows was monumental and worth ever second of the journey to get there."

"One thing we loved that we did for our wedding was having Merriment Espresso Cart there to serve hot drinks for us. They were there all day for us while we were getting ready, the vendors who were setting up, and all the caffeinated needs in between. It turned out to be a very chilly day so having hot coffee and hot chocolate for our guests after the ceremony was a hit - not to mention their drinks were so good!"

"We really just wanted our day to be full of love and reflect Christ's love for us. We were less concerned with tradition and more focused on how to make it a memorable day for us to share with our families."

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Mumma!

Photographer | Kevin Joseph Photography

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