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Crouch | Maldonado Wedding

Updated: May 25, 2022

Hashtags are such a fun, easy way to personalize your BIG day and get your guests involved and ready for the day's events. This November wed couple used the grooms' last name to come up with their clever hashtag: #WEmaldonaDO. We love weddings that have a lot of personal touches!

The proposal: Shelby: "We went on a family vacation to Las Vegas for my aunt’s wedding in July 2017. At the time I wasn’t old enough to really do anything in Vegas. After gambling, my family would come up and get me so I could get out of the hotel room. We (Shelby and Jordan) walked to Fremont Street and watched a spray paint artist. Right before the artist was done I pulled out my phone to Snapchat the final picture. To my surprise it was a couple kissing in front of some iconic Vegas landmarks and written in the corner it said “Shelby will you marry me?” Then Jordan dropped to his knee and asked me to marry him!! I of course said yes and couldn’t stop crying. It was the best proposal! My family was there, it was captured on video, and now we have a great souvenir from Vegas. I was so shocked."

The bride was stunning in her vintage inspired, lace overlay dress from David's Bridal. Shelby said "The most important things to me were my dress and the photographs. I never went crazy with my prom dress and realized this would (probably) be my last time to wear something super fancy!"

The color palette included gold, blush, maroon, and navy. The bride handmade all of the table centerpieces and her bouquet.