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Krehbiel | Johnson Wedding

Meet our bride and groom: Megan and Andrew


How and when did you meet?

"Andrew and I met our freshman year at Oklahoma State University through our campus ministry (I finished school in May). We didn't start dating until the summer after sophomore year, and dated through junior and senior year. I had dated other guys freshman and sophomore year, and I had literally just vowed off guys when Andrew came into my life. It's funny how the one comes around when you least expect them to or aren't even looking. He took me star gazing on our first date, which I loved. Even though I didn't even want to be dating, I couldn't say no when he asked me to be his girlfriend. We have been together ever since!"

Tell us about your proposal!

"Last summer we both had internships in two different states. I was in Texas and he was in Wyoming. It was hard being a part from each other for so long, so I planned a trip to go see him. He was in Wyoming so I thought it would be great for us to go on a trip to Yellowstone. Out of nowhere, my parents wanted to tag along. I was not for this at all, because I needed my quality time with my guy after not seeing him for a month and a half. Little did I know, they tagged along because they knew he was going to propose. He planned to propose at Yellowstone Lake, but my parents didn't catch on and drove right by it. He ended up proposing in the town we stayed at, Gardner, Montana, in some flowers with a beautiful river and the mountains in the background. It was actually between a gas station and a car wash, but you would never know by the pictures. Such a fun memory to look back on!"

"When I toured Greenleaf, I instantly fell in love. The lighting is amazing all around. I love the white walls and the wood structured ceiling with the fairy lights. I am obsessed with the tree line, which is where we did our ceremony. I wanted my pictures to have a lot of green in them, and there was so many opportunities for that at Greenleaf. Also, I could NOT beat the price! Some venues are priced so high, and the price of this venue caught my eye immediately."

"My favorite Disney movie is Tangled, so I got some ideas for my decor from that. My father-in-law made the cutest wooden lantern boxes for our centerpieces, and my florist brought my vision for those to life! I also had a "best day ever" cake topper and sign for our photo booth backdrop. I loved the natural lighting of the building, so I went with white tablecloths. We kept the normal lights on for the first part of the reception, then turned on the fairy lights and candles when it got a bit darker to set the mood for the dance and reception!"

"I wanted a mix of rustic and romantic decor, and this venue was perfect for that! Honestly a lot of my ideas came from me going through the Greenleaf Barn Instagram account and getting inspiration from other brides and weddings from this venue. I took my original ideas and then was able to know how to utilize the space based on photos from others. My favorite flowers was the garland that draped across the top of the wooden backdrop in the building, which is where we put the sweetheart table."

"I was obsessed with my flowers. I wanted tons of greenery, as well as pink and white flowers. My bridesmaids wore different shades of pink, so I wanted my flowers to match them."

"My favorite part of the day was decorating with my bridesmaids. I had the absolute best group of girl by my side. They helped iron tablecloths and put up decorations. They rocked it and made me feel so special by making sure everything was set up exactly how I wanted it."

"It was a COVID wedding, so I had a friend make masks for my bridesmaids that we got some cute pics with.

"I wanted to do something unique during our ceremony. We did communion, which I've seen many couples do. However, we made it special by letting all of the guests and bridal party do it with us. I got to explain why it was important to us that we had them do it with us because we love how all of them have been an encouragement to our relationship, and Andrew prayed over it. It was so special."

"Andrew said his favorite part was when we took our couple photos (so sweet!) It was a special time getting to step away from the craziness of the day and just be the two of us (and our amazing photographer getting some killer shots)."

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Johnson!

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