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Leek | Brodie Wedding

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Meet our bride and groom: Meagan and Dylan

HOW and WHEN did you meet?

"Dylan and I were friends for three years, we were never anything but that. The first time Dylan and I hung out with a group of people in front of everyone he looked at me and said “I’m gonna marry you one day” and I thought “yeah right dude”...after that we always found ourselves secluding ourselves away from everyone else just so we could hang out and talk. One day I caught him looking at me all crazy eyed so I just reached over and kissed him! He said he was so nervous he couldn’t believe I just kissed him in public in front of all of our friends like that. I have a daughter and so she was always around when all of our friends would get together he was always so good with her she couldn’t wait to see him cause she knew he would play with her the entire time that it made falling in love with him even easier...when he said “I love your daughter as much If not even more than I love you” that’s when I knew he was the one God made for me, he was in front of me all along. Dylan likes to tell me “I told you I would marry you one day I knew the second I saw you” and I guess, he was right all along."

Meagan chose Greenleaf Barn because of the location and she "loved the barn setting with the separate suites."

The modern rustic theme paired perfectly with the barn's white walls and simplistic styling.

The bride tribe toasted in their matching animal print pajamas while getting ready in on site bridal suite.

Meagan's mom and aunt acted as wedding planners. "My mom & my aunt did amazing! They are such good wedding planners it’s insane: they need to go into business! All around it was perfect."

Meagan talks about their favorite parts of the day.

"He (Dylan) said “that was the best day ever” he still says it randomly! My favorite was seeing him for the first time that day! All my nerves went away at that moment."

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Brodie!

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