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Oh Baby Baby

I like to consider the property surrounding the barn a photographer’s playground. There are so many unique and fun spots to shoot weddings and events of course but also family, children and maternity sessions. Every time I get a new link in my inbox, it’s like Christmas morning!

Jennifer Dubler Photography has been out on our location multiple times and I have Dub-bed her (get what I did there?) the queen of maternity shoots.

Let me tell you she and her clients work hard to get some of these amazing shots. This particular session took place in the wee hours of the morning to capture the fog rolling in and it paid off.

Want to hold your shoot out at the barn? You can! We allow professional photographers to shoot on site when there is not a wedding or event going on, free of charge. We currently have a network of over 80+ local photographers and would love to see that continue to grow! Please join our Greenleaf Barn Photography Group on Facebook for more details.

Photography provided by Jennifer Dubler Photography

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