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Ramsey | Casillas Wedding

Why did you pick the venue that you chose?

"I loved the all white barn look and that I could go with any style I wanted with the modern feel that Greenleaf has!"

Tell us about your proposal! When, where, how?

"It was a few days before his mother’s birthday and the whole family has plans to go to their house and have “birthday dinner” not thinking anything of it, we got dressed and went to his parents. Before every meal our family prays a blessing over the meal, while praying his sister sneaks our nephew in front of me.. he was wearing a onesie that said “Taylor, will you marry my uncle” and here we are!!"

What inspired your wedding décor? Did you have a theme in mind?

"I knew I wanted elegant and fancy. Which is why I absolutely loved Greenleaf’s all white look, because I didn’t have to “rustic” to make my decor work. Our ceremony & reception turned out better than I could’ve ever asked for."