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Simmons | Taylor Wedding

A NYE wedding to remember. Meet our bride and groom: Madison and Brett

Tell us about your proposal!

"Well funny story. I have wanted a New Years Eve wedding for as long as I can remember. Before being engaged we would jokingly bring up our unplanned wedding date although we weren’t engaged yet. But we were planning to get engaged late spring when Brett finished his last semester of school. Well my mom caught an earful of our slips of wanting to get married New Years Eve. She realized this meant there was already less than a year to plan. Safe to say the next week we had the venue, photographer, and DJ booked. Again at this point still not engaged or close to being engaged. As time began to creep I began to get impatient. I wanted to be engaged so badly and didn’t want to wait anymore. I begged and begged Brett to propose earlier. Little did I know Brett had the engagement planned for about two and a half months. I was under the impression we were doing family pictures on Brett’s side. We get there and start taking a few pictures then everyone but Brett’s family got out of the picture. While I thought we were getting a couple quick pictures his brother was tearing off the cover to the back drop. The photographer has me step forward and Brett was behind me. At this point I knew something was up... every single family member was recording. She had me turn around and Brett was on one knee with a ton of pictures of us behind him. To make it even better the spot he proposed is on the land we hope to build out future house on one day! There were lots of tears, happiness, and relief."

"I would say something so unique about our day was that we all got to hang out and spend time together all day. The wedding was late for NYE and pictures were early. So we had some free time to just relax and soak it all in. "

"At first I wasn’t thrilled about all the free time gaps but on the day of I was thankful to have some time with our closest people. It was the calm before the storm!"

"Greenleaf was the one and only wedding venue I looked at. From the moment I walked in I was sold. The crisp white and simplicity of the venue really allowed me to envision my wedding there. The wedding turned out just as we had dreamed and looked beautiful."

"New Years Eve really allowed us to make a fun theme for the wedding. We wanted to stick with classic and simple colors with a twist of NYE fun. The crisp white of Greenleaf really allowed our decorations to pop!"

"My lovely wedding planner of a mom actually did our flowers. Which photographed so well with the awesome outdoor areas around Greenleaf. We added some lights around the barn door at the front and the DJ added lights along the walls. This really transformed the venue at night on the white walls. It looked awesome!"

"We wanted guest to walk in the venue and immediately feel like the night ahead was going to be memorable. Our photo wall with the balloon towers for NYE was right at the entrance. We wanted this to be seen and emphasize our theme of NYE."

The queso fountain was a top request and a huge hit.

"We can both say our favorite part of the day was celebrating such an exciting time with our closest friends and family. Then we got to ring in a new year and a new decade to top the night off. If we could relive this day we wouldn’t change a thing!"

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Taylor!

Flowers/Coordination | Ann Simmons Art

Photographer | Kelsey Marie Photography

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