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Andary | Harbuck Wedding

Updated: May 25, 2022

No wedding or event would be worth having without all of the family and friends (or what we like to call “framily”) that come together to celebrate. This beautiful fall wedding exemplified the importance of just that.

The day carried on a country, Hawaiian vibe with the bridal party rocking their floral robes while preparing for the days' events in our on-site bridal suite.

Shades of pink, red and greenery completed the color palette.

While the girls looked beautifully feminine in red and pink, the guys oozed masculinity in their denim, ties and hats and matching cigar and beer accessories for this cool shot. How fun are these signs that share how each bridesmaid met the bride?

"The ritual of marriage is not simply a social event; it is a crossing of threads in the fabric of fate. Many strands bring the couple and their families together and spin their lives into a fabric that is woven on their children." - Neil Simon

After getting "lei-ed", the party continued inside for dinner and dessert.

We appreciate the opportunity to host this glorious day! Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Harbuck!

Photography provided by Sand Plum Photography

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