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Wells | Eakin Wedding

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Our first wedding of 2019 with Kelsey and Ethan will give you ALL THE CHILLS and ALL THE FEELS. I can't say enough about this sweet couple. This is the story of their day.

The bride says "Ethan and I met on eharmony. At the time, he lived in Tulsa and I lived in East Texas. Our first ever conversation just happened to be while he was driving through my hometown of Tyler, totally by coincidence! I sent him a smiley face and when he looked down and saw that I was from Tyler, and he was driving through Tyler on his way to Louisiana, he thought it was too crazy to be true! We spent that entire weekend talking over eharmony and met in person in Tyler two days later. We both realized almost immediately that we had met the person we had been waiting for. We joke that was the day we started dating, because we spent the entire day together and I brought him home to meet my family that day! "