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Wells | Eakin Wedding

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Our first wedding of 2019 with Kelsey and Ethan will give you ALL THE CHILLS and ALL THE FEELS. I can't say enough about this sweet couple. This is the story of their day.

The bride says "Ethan and I met on eharmony. At the time, he lived in Tulsa and I lived in East Texas. Our first ever conversation just happened to be while he was driving through my hometown of Tyler, totally by coincidence! I sent him a smiley face and when he looked down and saw that I was from Tyler, and he was driving through Tyler on his way to Louisiana, he thought it was too crazy to be true! We spent that entire weekend talking over eharmony and met in person in Tyler two days later. We both realized almost immediately that we had met the person we had been waiting for. We joke that was the day we started dating, because we spent the entire day together and I brought him home to meet my family that day! "

A warm, wintry color palette was selected to match the time of year. Florals included a lot of greenery and a a variety of burgundy, white and peach roses.

"My favorite part of the whole day was, without a doubt, walking down the aisle to Ethan. The lighting was absolutely STUNNING...It was one of those moments I'll never forget. When I asked Ethan, he said that his favorite memory was me walking in the door to come down the aisle. He said the light behind me was so bright it made me look like an angel. (Literally crying right now, it's fine!)"

"When it came to the decor, our goal was to compliment and not distract from the venue, because it's already so beautiful on the inside. I would say the whole decor was very true to our style, rustic and warm! My favorite part of the entire room was the barn door, which we used as the altar for our indoor ceremony. We had the florist make a flower centerpiece for the door and then had two beautiful iron lanterns on either side. It was absolutely stunning our pictures and video from the ceremony, and it also made a perfect backdrop for our sweetheart table at the reception. "

"We wanted there to be a lot of personal touches that are unique to us, and there definitely were! One was the Andolini's Pizza food truck, which is so special to us because it was our first date!!" The wedding took place on a cold January day. "(we) had blankets in a basket by the door to keep people warm while they waited in line."

"Our favorite saying is "Love you to the moon and back." So, I had his cake custom made by Lauraannae Baking Co., and it was a beautiful airbrushed Galaxy cake with the moon and stars across it. "

"Ethan and I are so amazed at how God brought us together and wrote our love story like only He could, and we wanted our guests to see that it was a union between three parties, not two." Thank you to the Eakins for allowing us to host your magnificent day. We know it was all destined to be!

Makeup | Adney Artistry

Coffee | CTX Coffee

Wedding Cake | Ellie Eakin

Grooms Cake | Laurannae Baking Co.

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