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Let's Paw-ty!

When you own an event venue, occasionally you host your own events at said venue. Little mama loves having her birthday parties at the barn. They are slightly over the top but I just can't help myself! We aren't on site during other events (without written invitation) so this is my only chance to take full advantage of our beautiful space.

If you recall, we had a pretty amazing unicorn party for her 4th birthday so it wasn't going to be easy to match that. Luckily, my stepmom has a tradition of hosting her grandkids' 5th birthdays so I had the best of the best putting this one on. Between her and my sister (Sweet Mama Bakes), I wasn't worried!

These treats kicked off the beginning of Sweet Mama Bakes.

The kids enjoyed a puppy playground with obstacle course and puppy face painting.

We would love to host your kiddo's birthday at the barn.

Hard to believe she will be 7 now in just a few months!

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