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Sparkle Wherever You Go

Don’t get me wrong; we love weddings! We live for weddings! But when your daughter turns 4 and needs a unicorn party, you pull out all of the stops with the BEST local vendors around. We really wanted to create a dramatic effect for the space overall. When premier vendor Ceremonial Blessings mentioned hanging lanterns, I was all in! Not going to lie, I now wish there was always something hanging from the rafters for every event.

Step 1: find the most amazing party stylist. Enter The Party Darling. One look at her site will have you drooling over paper products you didn’t even know you desperately needed in your life.

Step 2: unicorn parties must have ponies, check!

Step 3: what’s a birthday party without a fabulous cake. I reached out to our premier vendor All Things Cake about a unicorn cake. She said “a unicorn cake? I can do that! But what you really need is a unicorn treat table!” A whole table. Yes please! No party would be complete without a treat to go which can only mean one